Gold Star Releases of 2008

Every year we each make a list of our gold star albums: our favourite releases from the previous year. These are our picks for the essential albums of 2008, and would enhance any traditional music lover's collection.

See also: last year, next year and gold star releases from other years.

Colin's Gold Star
Releases for 2008
Belshazzar's FeastThe food of loveWildgoose
Box clubBox ClubSelf
BreabachThe big spreeCompass
Jack CrawfordPride of the seasonWildgoose
CrowfootFootpathLunar Canoe
GenticorumLa BibournoiseRoues et Archets
Dick HensoldBig music for Northumbrian Smallpipes10,000 Lakes
Kerr Fagan HarbronStation HouseFellside
The long notesThe long notesSelf
Also outstanding: Sarah Burnell, Cook/MacGillivray, Martin/Shan Graebe, Rubus, Vishtèn.
Gordon's Gold Star
Releases for 2008
CrucibleLove & MoneyFellside
Mark DunlopIslands on the moonGreentrax
GenticorumLa BibournoiseRoues et
Kerr Fagan HarbronStation HouseFellside
Jeana Leslie
Siobhan Miller
In a bleezeGreentrax
Jim MorayLow cultureNIAG
MosaikChanging trainsSelf
Jackie OatesThe violet hourChudleigh
Spiers and BodenVagabondNavigator
Also outstanding: Karen Casey, Cook/MacGillivray, Mawkin:Causley, Pierre Schryer, De Temps Antan, Peggy Seeger, Gordon Duncan (tribute).
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