Gold Star Releases of 2013

Every year we each make a list of our gold star albums: our favourite releases from the previous year. These are our picks for the essential albums of 2013, and would enhance any traditional music lover's collection.

See also: last year and gold star releases from other years.

Gordon's Gold Star
Releases for 2013
Colin's Gold Star
Releases for 2013
The Full EnglishThe Full EnglishTopic
KiérahStonemason's daughterSelf
Emily PortmanThe glamourySelf
Ten strings and a goat skinCorbeauSelf

Also outstanding:

⋅ The Beermats

⋅ Cara (Horizon)

⋅ Martin Simpson (Vagrant stanzas)

⋅ Vicki Swan / Jonny Dyer (The Red House)

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